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Woocommerce Braintree Payment Issue

Lately I had to configure a payment gateway using Braintree and the woocommerce-gateway-paypal-powered-by-braintree plugin. Once everything was configure (API Key's and whatnot) I wanted to test it but I got the following error message: Oops, something went wrong. Please try a different payment method. 

After 5 minutes of google-ing I have found the reason why I have the error. It seems that the JS used in the official plugin is outdated.

The fix:

Open wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gateway-paypal-powered-by-braintree/includes/class-wc-gateway-braintree.php 

On line 108 you will have to replace the following code:

public function enqueue_gateway_assets() {if ( $this->is_available() ) {// braintree.js librarywp_enqueue_script( 'braintree-js', '//js.braintreegateway.com/v2/braintree.js', array(), WC_Braintree::VERSION, true );parent::enqueue_gateway_assets();}}

with this code:

public function enqueue_gateway_assets() {if ( $this->is_available() ) {// braintree.js library// wp_enqueue_script( 'braintree-js', '//js.braintreegateway.com/v2/braintree.js', array(), WC_Braintree::VERSION, true );wp_enqueue_script( 'braintree-js', '//js.braintreegateway.com/js/braintree-2.32.1.min.js', array(), WC_Braintree::VERSION, true );parent::enqueue_gateway_assets();}}


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