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Don’t be a Junior Software Developer!

The “junior software developer” role it is an exciting position to be in. You have Senior Developers willing to help you out, explain and teach what you don’t know or have little knowledge about. It is an exciting role because you are in a “learning phase” and you should make the most out of it.

It’s not a shame in being the “Junior” in the team. Every great developer you know was wearing that hat once. It is normal. You can’t just jump straight to a Senior Developer role. You have to gain experience and sharpen your weapons. Still, the “junior developer” title can be dangerous. Let’s find out how.

You are not defined by your “Junior Software Developer” job title

Here comes the tricky part. The “Junior” in your job title shouldn’t become your comfort zone. I know it’s easy to ask the team leader / manager / IT director or other Senior Developers to come and sort out the code for you but you have to be careful when you’re hiding behind the “Junior” umbrella. The position you are in is temporary and should only be a phase thru which you’re striving to achieve your goal of being a kick-ass senior software developer. So don’t get comfortable.

Have the right attitude

The correct way of thinking is to be willing to dedicate all your energy and focus on the tasks you get at work. Do your best to complete them without help. Do some research on the internet when you get stuck. There are big chances that someone else was having the same problems that you have.

Knowing that there are people ready to help, can make you lazy and hide behind the warm blanket of “Junior”. Get there, do everything it is in your power to complete you assigned tasks. Do research when you’re stuck. If you can’t figure it out and realise it is taking too long, ask for help. But use the “help button” only as a last resort. You have to crawl before you can walk. Same law is applied in programming as well.

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Friday 08 February 2019 Marian V. Pop


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